Aloe Doran Black

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INCLUDED: You will receive one 4-INCH Aloe Doran Black. 


Aloe succulents are a genus of succulents in the Asphodelaceae family. Aloe succulents are native to Madagascar, Jordan, Southern Africa, and the Arabian Peninsula. Aloe succulents are incredibly versatile succulent plants. Aloe succulents are treasured amongst all succulent enthusiasts for their long leaves, and their ability to thrive in both outdoor and indoor spaces.

Light & soil
LIGHT & SOIL: Aloe Doran Black is a versatile plant that enjoys either substantial light or shade for the majority of the day. This makes your Aloe Doran Black ideal for any place that receives direct sun, a-lot of light, or substantial shade. You can choose to place your Aloe Doran Black in a place that receives either 50% shade a day or 80% shade a day. Your Aloe Doran Black will grow best in a well-draining soil. Your Aloe Doran Black will already come potted and rooted in a well-draining soil, but if you plan to transplant your Aloe Doran Black it is best to utilize a well-draining potting mix.
Succulent Care
CARE: Your Aloe Doran Black enjoys a dry and arid environment. For this reason, it is best to only water your Aloe Doran Black when the soil is completely dry. Feel the top of the soil or remove your Aloe Doran Black from its pot and feel the soil. If there is any moisture at all do not water. When watering your Aloe Doran Black completely drench the soil to a point that the soil is completely moist. Your Aloe Doran Black cannot survive in temperatures below 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Reasons to Buy


All of our Aloe succulents for sale are grown ourselves in greenhouses that are optimized to grow the best Aloe succulents. When we package and send your Aloe succulents, we select your Aloe succulents straight from our greenhouses on the very day we send your order. This means that you will receive only the best and highest quality Aloe succulents.


We have been growing and selling Aloe succulents for over 50 years. We do not buy-in any of our Aloe succulents. Your order will only contain Aloes grown in our greenhouses and that are of the highest quality. Since you are purchasing your Aloe succulents from the wholesaler you will receive only the best price for amazing Aloe succulents. 


When you buy our Aloe succulents for sale you will receive an incredible variety of Aloe succulents. Since we have been growing Aloe succulents for over 50 years, we have multiple varieties of Aloe succulents readily available to send. When ordering Aloe succulents from us expect exceptional quality and variety.

About our Aloe Succulents for Sale

Our Aloe succulents for sale are the ideal succulents for primarily indoor spaces, but with some acclimation, our Aloe succulents can thrive in any outdoor space. An Aloe succulent purchase will make the perfect addition to any home or workspace. This is because Aloe succulents primarily require a shaded environment. Our Aloe succulents for sale are primarily grown in shaded greenhouses, this means that our Aloe succulents will thrive in any indoor space. Specific varieties of our Aloe succulent for sale will also thrive in the outdoors, but it is critical to acclimate your Aloe succulent to an outdoor environment with direct sunlight. To acclimate your Aloe succulent to direct sunlight use shade cloth or grower’s cloth to cover the succulent for the majority of the day. So, if you’re looking for either an indoor or outdoor succulent an Aloe purchase sounds perfect for you!

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