The Mini Cactus Collection

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Included: In this pack, you will receive a beautiful combination of 2-inch cactus. The cactus will be placed in 6 different colored pots as shown in the picture. The cactus included in your combination will be a mix of cactus that are in season and in stock at our nursery. This pack will contain at least 6 cactus varieties.

Watering: Plan on watering once a month. Wait until soil is entirely dry. Allow soil to undergo a dry period and then proceed to water until soil is moist. 

Benefits of a Cactus or Succulent Purchase

Feel Better

Breathe Better

Live Better

Will I Be Able to Take Care of My Cactus or Succulent ?

One of the most primary concerns amongst our customers when contemplating a cactus or succulent purchase is if they will be able to keep a cactus or succulent alive …
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