6 Reasons to Buy Haworthias

by Lynn KirkAug 19, 2021



Why is Haworthia (pronounced ha-WORTH-ee-ah) worth-the-a purchase? Well, here are 6 reasons to buy Haworthia succulents . . .

1.Small Plant, Big Impact.

Haworthia is worth-the-a purchase because … it packs a big punch of beauty in a pretty little package! Though some Haworthias grow only a lofty 6 inches tall, others prefer the low life with a full height of only 2 inches at maturity.

2. Window-pane Plants.

Haworthia is worth-the-a purchase because … several genuses feature translucent foliage, especially along their leaf tips. This see-through, stained-glass effect begs for a second glance — and it doesn't disappoint. These succulents’ glowing, green-gumdrop interiors are visual wonders. Truly one of a kind!

3. Carefree, Fuss-free.

Haworthia is worth-the-a purchase because … it requires little light, little water, little care! No bright light is needed; no full shade is wanted. As a succulent, it stores water in its fleshy leaves, so less watering is the norm. And since a slow grower, repotting is seldom required. Consider Haworthia a hardy, resilient plant that’s ideal as a long-lasting indoor addition for your home, office, or low-light window sill. In frost-free zones, it’s also a wonderful accent plant for the outdoors — in planters on the patio, deck, or porch.

Pick-‘n’-pull to Propagate.

Haworthia is worth-the-a purchase because … it’s easy to grow more plants and then more! A mature Haworthia plant produces tiny offsets at its base, which you can gently pick and pull off for easy replanting. Or, the Haworthia can be propagated by leaf cuttings and divisions. So regardless of the method or means, the outcome is more plants to build  or enhance your growing succulent collection!

4. Great Gift.

Haworthia is worth-the-a purchase because … it’s impressive, interesting, and inherently low in cost. No wonder the Haworthia is considered to be a great gift for giving! The succulent’s distinctiveness is most evident when planted in a minimalist, solid-colored container that showcases the plant itself. Another tip: It’s a good starter plant for children, college students, and other wanna-be gardeners.

5. African Born, British Named.

Haworthia is worth-the-purchase because … it brings with it a bit botanical history, plus a bit of the exotic. Haworthia is native to South Africa. Along came British explorers who first documented the plant in 1695. A century later, other scientists officially named the plant’s genus after Adrian Haworth, a respected botanist, entomologist, and carcinologist from Little Chelsea, London.

6. Oodles of Options.

Haworthia is worth-the-a purchase because … the genus boasts more than 100 species, each with its own personality! Truly, they’re all attractive in their own way, but which one attracts you?

Haworthia Attenuata               Bedecks its dark-green leaves with bold white bumps of interest

Haworthia Cooperi                 Takes translucent, pearl-like rosettes and colors them with blue-greens

Haworthia Cymbiformis          Grows pale-green leaves with glowing transparency

Haworthia Fasiata                  Sears its leaves with warty white stripes (like its Attenuata kin)

Haworthia Herbacea               Fringes its greenish-yellow leaves with fine, glassy-white spines

Haworthia Limifolia                 Produces a pinwheel-like rosette plus distinctive ridges on chunky, triangular leaves

Haworthia Super White           Welds white markings on dark-green, spear-like foliage

Haworthia Turgida                  Forms fleshy leaves into a star-shaped rosette with delicate stripes

Haworthia Venusta                 Wows with white, web-alike hairs on fleshy leaves


Succulent Market offers all these Haworthia genuses and more. All are domestically grown to support the plants’ good health (and of course, America’s economic health, too!). Simply browse the online photos and select your favorites. Upon confirmation of your order, your Haworthias will be carefully wrapped and promptly shipped. And when they arrive, they’ll immediately jazz up your home, workplace, or great outdoors for years to come!

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