Corporate Succulent Gifts Grow Business

by Lynn KirkMar 10, 2022

corporate succulent gifts


Do corporate succulent gifts really grow business? YES! The world of marketing and sales may constantly change, but one constant never does: clients' desire for recognition. All decision-makers appreciate being appreciated, whether they are a prospect who is considering your company as a potential vendor . . . or they already are partnering with you in their quest for success. Corporate gifts grow business as they strengthen relationships and build loyalty.

And of course the fundamental need for meaningful recognition extends to employees, too. Staff wants to know that they are making a difference . . . that their work is well done . . . and that you truly appreciate their efforts. Research by the American Psychological Association determined that "93% of employees who reported feeling valued said that they are motivated to do their best at work." After receiving recognition, their production increased as much as 32%! Similarly, Coresight Research reported that the pandemic transformed employee gifting into a "business priority" because corporate gifts not only enhance worker morale; they also support employee retention. 

So, what’s the best way to recognize clients AND employees in today’s business climate? What can you give when you have to be careful but want to make a lasting impression? How can you say “thanks,” “welcome aboard, or “kudos” in a distinctive and memorable way?

Send a corporate giftNot just any gift, but the right gift. One that is:

  • Meaningful but doesn’t break the budget
  • Longer lasting that wilt-after-arrival flowers
  • Healthier than sweets
  • Valued more than cheap logo items
  • Purchased easily despite retail closures
  • Available when needed so you avoid on-site inventory and bulk-purchase costs

These all point to GROW BY GIFTING: the nation's preferred source for corporate gifts. Their petite potted plants, perfectly sized for a desk or kitchen counter, double as a daily reminder of your sincere appreciation and thoughtful generosity. They earn the spotlight because of their charm. They are welcomed because they are succulents, which are known for ease of care. And they are considered unique because they’re customized by you. Best of all, they’re easily ordered, even one at a time, when you log on GROW BY GIFTING and follow these 3 simple steps:

Step 1. Choose the plant pot. It’ll only take a second because the options are as simple as black or white.

Step 2. Select the succulent. Even if you know zero about plants, color photos will guide the process. And regardless of the final selection, quality is guaranteed. So browse among the 20 different options, including these most popular, most well-known succulent families:

  • Aloe
  • Cactus
  • Echeveria
  • Haworthia
  • Kalanchoe
  • Sedum

Step 3. Complete the order form. Within 24 hours, your gift will be expertly planted, finished off with decorative pebbles, carefully wrapped, and sent by FREE 2-day shipping. What a surprise it will be!

Yes, a corporate gift from GROW BY GIFTING grows your business as it:

  • Thanks clients
  • Serves as a special-event memento
  • Recognizes super stars
  • Supports employee retention
  • Lifts morale
  • Respects your budget
  • Makes your job easier

GROW BY GIFTING is the nation’s go-to source for corporate gifts. Whether intended for client relationship building or as a human resource solution, GROW BY GIFTING's corporate gifts grow business as they grow (literally!).

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