How to Find the Perfect Succulent for Your Home

by Succulent Market AdminAug 6, 2020

Not all succulents are suitable for indoors. In fact, some would not survive at all inside. You will learn everything you need to find the perfect succulent for your home here!

The Perfect Succulent for Darker Rooms


Many succulents need a place where there is full sun. When choosing for your home, you have to make sure that you choose succulents that are meant for partially shaded to shady locations. Succulents that are intended for full sun will not be happy in your home in the long run. They often lose their typical shape, color or both. Succulents that grow well in the shade feel very comfortable in every apartment and keep their original shape. But remember: No plant survives without light!

EXAMPLES: Haworthia Fasciata Variegata, Haworthia Cooperi

The Key is Green Succulents


 Many succulents have bright colors such as red or orange. In order for them to be preserved, they need a lot of light. That is why it is best to concentrate on naturally green succulents when buying. They do not lose their color if there is no sunlight.

EXAMPLES: Gasteria Flow, Aloe Bronz

Slow Growing: The Perfect Succulent for the Home

The problem with fast growing succulents in the house is that they tend to need more light. Therefore here is another aspect that you should consider when buying. Find out beforehand which succulents belong to the slower growing varieties.

Branched or Hanging Succulents

A succulent plant that naturally forms branches or grows upwards is a great choice for indoors. Since it is already growing tall, it is less likely that it will follow the light unnaturally. Hanging succulents are a special eye-catcher on elevated levels.

EXAMPLES: Portulacaria Afra , Sedum morganianum (Burro’s Tail)

If you are just starting to bring the succulents into the house, the easiest way is to try out the above examples. They are easy to care for and will grow well in your home. So you can choose the perfect succulent for your home!

If you are still experimenting, Succulent Market’s “The Indoor Collection” set will also help you. There you get a mix of succulents that are especially suitable for shady locations.

If you already have more experience with succulents and you have a very bright room, you can also add a few more demanding plants to your collection.


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