Succulents Are Good Buys For Good Health

by Lynn KirkMay 25, 2022


Our obsession with succulents may start with beauty and ease of care, but it doesn’t end there. Succulents are good buys for good health, too.

What are the top 5 health benefits of succulent plants?

  1. Fresh air. Carbon dioxide in, oxygen out. That’s photosynthesis as its core. Plants absorb our waste gas and return it as a gift of fresh air. However, unlike most houseplants, succulents offer an added bonus: They continue the process all night long. According to NASA, succulents also remove volatile organic compounds (like formaldehyde, nitrogen oxides, and toluene) that lurk in plastics, home furnishings, and books.1 So consider succulents as nature’s air purifiers. Tip: Add succulents to your bedroom for 24/7 fresh air and a better night’s rest.
  2. Humidity control. Too much humidity is not a good thing. Neither is too little. Succulents can help balance your home’s humidity, depending on your plant selection. Euphorbia succulents help decrease humidity in our surroundings. Conversely, jade plants help increase humidity as they release water vapor through the leaves’ pores. Our goal should be 30 to 50% humidity indoors, according to the Mayo Clinic.2 Tip: Succulents definitely require less maintenance and less expense than mechanical humidifiers and dehumidifiers.
  3. Stress reduction. Working with dirt, nurturing plants, and enjoying mindfulness through gardening is an age-old prescription for stress relief. Research shows that working with plants helps lower blood pressure, reduce mental health issues, and calm the spirit. Creativity is quite beneficial, too. Even 45 minutes of crafting with succulents can reduce the cortisol hormone that’s produced by stress.3 So gardening is good for the body and mind. Tip: Count your next succulent purchase as an investment in your health!
  4. Productivity improvement. When you breathe better, feel better, and think better … you work better. In fact, two Norwegian studies showed that adding even a few plants to an office significantly increased productivity. Apparently, plants support attention restoration, which in turn, fights mental fatigue.4 Tip: Take a succulent to work. Or better yet, gift one to the office “slacker!”
  5. Healing properties. Through the ages, succulents have earned a reputation for their remarkable medicinal properties. For example, prickly pear cactus and aloe vera juice are naturally sourced treatments for stomach ailments, inflammation, and more. Your knowledge and our research vary, though, so don’t ingest anything without consulting an expert. On the other hand, agave and aloe vera have superstar properties for topical treatment of wounds and burns, respectively. Tip: Keep an aloe vera plant in your kitchen for the occasional mishap.

There you go — 5 more reasons to buy succulents from your favorite grower, Cheers to your green thumb and your good health!