The 5 Best Ways to Use Succulents in Your Wedding

by Succulent Market AdminJul 17, 2020


One thing that you may want to add to your wedding to-do list is succulents! Succulents are vibrant and beautiful plants that survive longer without water than flowers. This makes succulents the perfect addition for any wedding centerpiece, bouquet, and boutonniere because of their modern and jubilant look. Below we will outline all of the amazing ways that you can use succulents for your wedding. If you are looking to buy succulents for your wedding check out our succulent cuttings or browse our products on our store front at Succulent Market.

Ways to Use Succulents For Your Wedding

  1. A Succulent Bouquet
  2. A Succulent Corsage
  3. A Succulent Centerpiece
  4. A Succulent Boutonniere
  5. A Succulent Wedding Favor


1. Succulent Bouquet



The first way to incorporate succulents into your wedding is with a Bouquet. In your Bouquet ask your florist to use succulents to accent the flowers. Doing so will be sure to draw attention from everyone as succulents’ pair nicely with flowers, and your bouquet will be sure to stand out and impress with its unique appearance. We have a wide range of succulent cuttings that will make the perfect addition to any floral bouquet.


2. Succulent Corsage



A second way to incorporate succulents into your wedding is with a succulent corsage. A corsage is an important piece to any bridesmaid’s arsenal. Let them feel as special and unique as you will on your special day with a succulent corsage. Using succulents for your corsage allows you to go a little off the beaten path and add a little character to your wedding. Besides being a little different and unique, a succulent corsage is absolutely gorgeous.


3. Succulent Boutonniere



One of the most important parts of any wedding is the boutonniere. Using succulent in a boutonniere brings a bit of a modern and rugged look to any groom and his groomsmen. Most importantly, succulents don’t need very much water. This means that your succulent boutonniere will not lose its amazing color on your special day. Succulents will make your boutonniere absolutely pop on your wedding day.


4. Succulent Centerpiece



A succulent centerpiece is a great addition for any wedding celebration. A succulent centerpiece will bring a bit of a modern organic look to your wedding. In addition to bringing character to your wedding, a succulent centerpiece makes a great pre-wedding activity. Buy a bunch of mini succulents before your wedding and create your own succulent centerpieces. This will add a little personality and an unforgettable personal touch to your special day. Ultimately creating succulent centerpieces with friends and family before your wedding day makes the perfect pre-wedding activity, and it’s fun!


5. Succulent Wedding Favors



Lastly, succulents make great wedding favors! Giving away succulents at the end of your wedding is the perfect way for everyone to remember your special day!

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