Ways Indoor Succulents Elevate You Interior Design

by Succulent Market AdminJul 31, 2020


Succulents have become the craze nowadays. This is because succulents are modern, beautiful, and drought-tolerant (meaning that they require very little care). Below we will outline the numerous benefits that succulents can bring to any interior décor.


  1. Choose the Right Succulent


Before we get into how your succulents can elevate your interior spaces it is important to note that not all succulents will thrive in an indoor space. This is because some varieties of succulents require a lot of natural sunlight. These sun-loving succulents, like Echeveria, will quickly die indoors unless they receive plenty of sunlight. When selecting a succulent, it is important to purchase indoor succulents. Indoor succulents are succulents that are of the Haworthia, Aloe, and Peperomia genus. These varieties of succulents tend to not have as much color and tend to be green, but they will thrive indoors with very little sunlight. If you would like to purchase some indoor succulents click here.


  1. Air Purification


One of the primary ways indoor succulents can elevate an interior space is by their ability to purify the air. As succulents go through the process of photosynthesis, they absorb carbon dioxide from the interior air and release fresh oxygen. This increases the oxygen levels in your interior space allowing for there to be less stuffiness and for fresh oxygenated air to permeate throughout your interior space.


  1. Humidity


Another way indoor succulents can improve your interior spaces is through humidity. Indoor succulents have the ability to increase the humidity within an interior space. Indoor succulents undergo a process called transpiration. Transpiration is when the water that indoor succulent plants absorb in their roots evaporates off of their leaves. This process of transpiration increases the humidity within an interior space. This is important because academic studies have shown that humidity decreases the ability of the flu virus to survive and spread. In the midst of COVID 19 or Coronavirus, this makes an indoor succulent an essential addition to any interior design.


  1. Drought Tolerance


Indoor succulents enhance interior spaces because of their ability to survive long periods of time with very little water. Most ornamental plants require constant water and attention, indoor succulents do not. It is incredibly easy to water succulents. All you have to do is wait for the soil to become completely dry, before drenching the soil with water. This means that you will only have to water your succulents every 3 weeks to once every month. With such little time having to care and learn how to care for indoor succulents, this means that your indoor succulent will survive and not die. Other temperamental ornamental plants that are not as easy to care for as indoor succulents are far more likely to die. This is important because there is nothing more detrimental to your interior décor then a brown dead plant. With indoor succulents, you can always be at ease knowing that they will not die and that they will continue to enhance the appearance of your interior space with very little care, time, and effort for years to come.


  1. Very Little Light


Indoor succulents require very little sunlight. Haworthia, Peperomia, and Aloe succulents are grown in shaded greenhouses. This means that indoor succulents require very little sunlight. Most interior spaces do not have very much sunlight, and most ornamental plants require ample sunlight in order to survive. Once again, you can avoid the detrimental occurrence of a dead brown plant to your interior décor by using an indoor succulent, as opposed to other ornamental plants. An indoor succulent is unlikely to die because it does not require very much care, unlike other ornamental plants.


  1. Mental Health


Multiple academic studies show that indoor plants reduce stress and anxiety and promote mood, concentration, and productivity. This makes an indoor succulent plant perfect for any home or office space because it will boost the overall positivity and bliss of your interior space. In addition, indoor succulents bring a fresh feeling that is desperately needed by most interior spaces. One aspect of interior design that tends to be neglected are plants. Often times, most interior designs fail to incorporate plants. This is unfortunate because indoor succulents promote numerous positive mental health benefits. Indoor plants have such a positive effect on our overall mood and productivity. At a time when we are spending more time than ever indoors, it is important to incorporate indoor plants into all of your interior designs.


  1. Succulents are Beautiful


The final reason why you should use indoor succulents for your interior décor is simply that succulents are both modern and beautiful. Indoor succulents have a modern organic feel that will bring both a warmth and freshness to your interior space. Succulents have become incredibly popular because of their whimsical shapes and colors. The wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes of all succulents means that they can be used in any interior space. Ultimately it would be unwise to not consider these unique and beautiful plants for any interior décor.


Overall indoor succulents are incredibly beautiful and resilient plants. You should consider using an indoor succulent plant for your interior décor because of their beauty, resiliency, and positive health applications. An indoor succulent plant is guaranteed to increase the positivity, mood, productivity, and bliss of any interior space. If you’re ready to find some indoor succulents to use in your interior décor we once again suggest that you check out Succulent Market. Receiver 10% off your first order with code succulentcare101.