What Are the Most Popular Plants?

by Lynn KirkMay 6, 2022

popular plants


There are public polls about most everything nowadays, including “What are the most popular plants?” Believe it or not, cacti claimed the #1 and #2 spots as the most popular plants in 2021. And even more extraordinary is that what are the most popular plants increased in popularity by 2,000% in just a year!

With all the plants in the world, how in the world could cacti take the top two popularity rankings among plant enthusiasts? Well, here’s why cacti succulents, are the most popular plants . . .

Plant sales continue to grow, especially among those in the know!

Maybe today's exponential growth in plant sales is rooted in the global emphasis on man’s duty to respect and nurture nature? Or maybe it’s just in our DNA to be at one with nature, both indoors and out? Either way, the surge in plant sales continues, especially for cacti and other succulents. People want them in their offices to ease everyday stress, in their homes to filter the air, and in their landscapes to help decrease erosion and increase beauty.

Growing ease makes cacti and succulents a breeze!

Pros and novices alike are recognizing the simplicity of raising cacti and their succulent kin. No longer does it take a Master Gardener certification to foster and propagate healthy plants (though we do certainly respect these green-thumbers’ top-of-the-line knowledge!). The hobby of gardening no longer requires in-depth knowledge and experience because new varieties, cacti, and succulents aren’t as finicky as legacy roses . . . or as fragile as orchids (not to ‘dis’ on those two, but too much work is just that: too much work in an ever-busy world). The growth of social media, including blogs like this one, also is helping spread the word that gardening can and should be simple, sustainable, and super fun. So, more people and more age groups are giving home gardening and propagating a try, starting with the easiest-to-care-for plants of all: cacti and other succulents, which are the most popular plants.

Cacti’s distinctiveness equals attractiveness!

The desire for ‘one-of-a-kind uniqueness’ drives sales in fashion, home décor, and yes, plant sales. Why purchase a philodendron like your neighbor’s if you can have a cactus like none other? Why grow the same ole when you can have the most unique collection around? Why get stuck in a rut when you can broaden your gardening horizons? Cacti and succulents are often the plant of preference for those who appreciate idiosyncrasies, for plants in these families tend to develop their own ‘characters’ as they grow in differing ways. Nothing standard or boring about the most popular plants!

Domestic sowers preferred over global growers.

Cacti and other succulents can be bought from worldwide sources, but what about the assurance of “American made?” Succulent Market in California is one of few--and largest--American growers committed to domestic propagation. Buying cacti from a supplier 'here at home' removes the risks associated with long-haul transport, unregulated growing practices, and unverified track records. So, Succulent Market's vast varieties, satisfying service, and guaranteed plant health are other reasons why cacti have become the most popular plants.

So there you go: The most popular plants are cacti succulents. They've been around for eons, so we're pretty sure they're here to stay. Why not join the trend? Log on Succulent Market and see some of the country’s most popular cacti, as well as their related families. You’ll discover alluring varieties, starter sets for developing your own collection, all the supplies you need, and gifting ideas, too. And while you're there, be sure to sign up for the Succulent Market newsletter so you don’t miss updates, new arrivals, and specials. 

Happy gardening with THE most popular plants! 

Source: House Beautiful, Lisa Joyner, Nov. 5, 2020