Frequently Asked Questions

All cactus and succulent collection are packaged based on varieties that are in season and in stock at our nursery. In order to ensure plant quality, we choose a random combination of seasonal cactus and succulents to include in your order.

We apologize if you received a product with any damage. Cactus and succulent plants are delicate and can be damaged during transport. If damaged, take two pictures of the damage and send them to or use this form. Please include your order number and name. If the damage is deemed excessive, a replacement of the damaged product will be sent to you free of charge.

To ensure your order arrives as fresh as possible, Succulent Market ships on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Orders must be submitted by 12:00 p.m. noon  on the previous day to make the next shipment. For example, if your order is received at 11:50 a.m. on Sunday, then your order will ship Monday. But if your order is placed at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday then your order will not ship until Tuesday.

No.  In order to ensure quality, all cactus and succulents combinations are made up of varieties that are in season and in stock at our nursery. 

Shipping only to the U.S 

Plan on watering once a month. Wait until soil is entirely dry. Allow soil to undergo a dry period and then proceed to water until soil is moist.

Our cactus is grown in greenhouses. When indoors, cactus should be given as much sunlight as possible. Our cactus will thrive outside in direct sunlight, but must first acclimate to receiving direct sunlight. This means that when you first expose our cactus to direct sunlight it must be done slowly. This includes exposing the cactus to direct sunlight for half the day, before moving the cactus indoors. The amount of sunlight succulents need is dependent upon the type of succulents you ordered from Succulent Market. Low light succulents should receive around 80% shade. Highlight succulents should receive around 50% shade.

No. Succulents will grow in their current pot for approximately one year.