5 Reasons Why Decorators Recommend Succulent Plants

by Lynn KirkAug 18, 2022


Fine furniture and dazzling decor have their purpose and place, but there are 5 reasons why decorators recommend succulent plants for our home and office.

1. SUCCULENTS SOFTEN HARD LINES. Buildings typically are a series of vertical and horizontal lines constructed of wood, concrete, and tile. These many hard surfaces simply beg for soft touches. Furnishings help, especially soft goods like high-pile carpets, comfy bedding, cozy pillows, and cuddly throws. But they’re only the first step in creating a warm and welcoming environment. One of the most important finishing touches is the addition of live plants. Not just any plants, but those that offer rounded edges, circular patterns, layering, irregular shapes, or other variations with visual interest. Fortunately, the huge range of succulent plants offers all these characteristics and more. For example, succulents’ plush leaves soften shelving, rosettes display rounded forms, multi-colored leaves subtly bridge palettes of contrasting hues, and trailing stems overlap and connect different planes. Each easily overcomes its hard-edged surroundings, creating a comfortable vibe.  

2. SUCCULENTS ADD CHARM. It’s hard to pass a ruby-red rosette, stately jade plant, multi-colored kalanchoe, or quirky cactus without stopping to admire. No wonder that gardeners love to show off their succulent babies, time and again. With so many different varieties, there are so many different sizes, colors, and shapes for whatever the application. They can be tucked in nooks and crannies, arranged on bookshelves, lined down the center of a tabletop, elevated as a centerpiece, or positioned on a sunny windowsill. Each adds its own charm, color, and form for our guests’ and our enjoyment.

3. SUCCULENTS ARE INEXPENSIVE DECORATIONS. Plants cost so much less than artificial decoratives, so they’re ideal for the budget-conscious. We can use their stems and leaves to propagate more, so they also offer an incredible ROI. For those committed to recycling, we can upcycle discarded and stored items as creative plant containers. We can search the attic for our grandma’s teapot or our children’s former toys. Likewise, we can browse a flea market for a birdcage, salt-and-pepper shakers, concrete birdbath, fountain, etc. that can double as our plant holder. If we really get creative, we can cleverly showcase our hobbies and interests through the containers we use. As long as it will hold succulent soil and allow water to drain, it’s a potential candidate for a succulent planter … and it’s available at little or no cost.

4. SUCCULENTS BRING THE OUTDOORS IN. Research proves that we crave a regular connection with nature. It’s an inherent desire, whether we recognize it or not. So, for holistic health of mind, body, and spirit, we need to interact with nature — and that’s exactly what we do when we plant, water, and nurture succulents. That’s another reason why decorators recommend succulent plants in the home and office. They comfort us when we’re stuck at a desk or trapped inside with toddlers. They also have a natural healing effect when we’re ill, plus they bring nature’s greenery into our indoor habitats.

5. SUCCULENTS CONTRIBUTE CLEAN AIR TO OUR ENVIRONMENT. Another reason why decorators recommend succulent plants is because of their dual function. In addition to offering softness, charm, and natural beauty, succulents clean the air as their photosynthesis processes take carbon dioxide and contaminants out of the air and provide oxygen in return. And succulents primarily do so at night! So as we sleep, our plants nurture our wellbeing.

Now we know the 5 reasons why decorators recommend succulent plants. They tastefully transform a home or office into a warm and welcoming place, plus they support good health. Another plus is that rather than tediously shopping store to store, we can buy them without ever leaving home. We can order succulent plants with the touch of a mouse  at www.SucculentMarket.com. This 5-Star retailer ships our order within 24 hours, and our plant package arrives on our doorstep with zero shipping fees. All we have to do is position the plant in a sunny place and enjoy. Happy decorating!

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