Rock Succulent Dish Garden

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All of our dish gardens are delivered to you with a fresh selection of assorted succulent that are in season at our nursery. The arrangement of succulents included in your garden are handpicked and potted in a 5 inch glazed bowl. This beautiful assortment of succulents is perfect for any office, patio, or home.

Reasons to Buy


We guarantee that you will receive your potted succulents undamaged in the absolute best condition. We carefully hand wrap each succulent pot in bubble wrap. After wrapping we carefully place each succulent pot in your box and cushion the pots with crinkle paper for extra protection during the course of delivery. If your potted succulents arrive broken, we promise to promptly send replacements.


We have been growing and selling succulents wholesale for over 50 years. This means that you are purchasing your potted succulents from the wholesaler, because of this you will receive amazing quality for the best price. Additionally, this means that we do not buy-in any of our succulent plants. Your order will only contain succulents grown in our greenhouses and that are of the highest quality.


Our potted succulents for sale will have an incredible variety of live succulents. We have been growing succulents for over 50 years, because of this we have over 300 individual varieties readily available to send. In your potted succulent order expect an incredible variety of succulents.

About Our Potted Succulents for Sale

Why should you buy our potted succulents for sale? Well, because of our exceptional quality and service. All of our potted succulents for sale will only contain live succulents that are of exceptional quality and variety. When we package your potted succulents, we select succulents straight from our greenhouses. Our greenhouses are optimized to produce healthy succulents with incredibly vibrant color. On Succulent Market you can shop for potted succulents in confidence because we guarantee that your potted succulent orders will arrive undamaged in the absolute best condition. We carefully wrap each pot in bubble wrap and cushion our pots carefully with crinkle paper. If damage does happen to occur to your potted succulent order, we promise to promptly send a replacement. So, what are you waiting for? Buy the best potted succulents for sale online from Succulent Market.

Benefits of a Cactus or Succulent Purchase

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Will I Be Able to Take Care of My Cactus or Succulent ?

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