6 Autumn Crafts with Succulents

by Lynn KirkAug 30, 2022

fall succulents


“All at once, summer collapsed into fall.” —Oscar Wilde

Why make autumn crafts with succulent plants? Well, succulents' endless hues reflect nature in autumn: jewel-tone leaves boasting brazen burgundies, sun-kissed golds, flaming reds, and heathery purples. These endless color combinations, coupled with succulent plants' mesmerizing forms and intriguing textures, are sure to inspire the artistic interest and DIY talent of most everyone!

So, why not celebrate the change of seasons by making these 6 autumn crafts with succulents? You’ll not only enjoy the hands-on crafting experience. You’ll cherish the final products for yourself — or as unique special-occasion gifts for friends, family, teachers, and more!

Ready, set, go . . . and grow with 6 autumn crafts with succulents!

Autumn-Themed Succulent Terrarium. Look for a glass jar, forgotten fish bowl, or anything that’s see-through with an easy-to-work-with opening. You’ll also need succulent soil, small succulent plants, and decoratives that represent autumn, such as miniature seed cones, mini gourds and pumpkins, tiny figurines, or whatever else comes to mind. After thoroughly sanitizing the planter, fill it part-way with soil and then plant the succulents. Adorn the center and sides with autumnal decoratives, placing taller items in the center or along the back side. Tip: Since there are no drainage holes in the terrarium, water ever so lightly and keep close tabs on the roots since root rot can form over time.

Autumn Succulent Kids’ Crafts. Gather white paper or foam cups, markers, seasonal stickers, succulent soil, and individual succulent plants. Punch small drainage holes in each cup’s bottom, then let the kids decorate the outside of their cup with autumnal scenes, verses, or things that remind them of the season. Next, help them fill their cup with soil and carefully plant each succulent. Tip: If the top of the cup is wide enough, they can add found objects from nature, such as acorns, twigs, and small stones.

Autumn-Inspired Jewelry and Hair Barrettes. Make-it-yourself sedum jewelry, hair barrettes, and fashion embellishments make accessories come alive … literally! You’ll need scissors, glue guns, glue sticks, and paper towels, as well as assorted succulent cuttings. Also buy in advance some wide, plain leatherette wristbands, disc pendants, ankle bracelets, charms, earring sets, hair barrettes, or ring forms. On these forms, arrange the succulent pieces in various patterns, juxtaposing different textures and complementing or contrasting colors for interest. Once you’ve selected your cuttings and determined your design, use hot glue to gently affix each succulent cutting to the jewelry or hair-accessory form. Tip: As you finish each piece, lay it aside until the glue fully dries. 

Autumn Wreath. For this craft, you'll need a wire-formed wreath, thin florist wire, scissors, hot glue gun with glue sticks, and various succulent cuttings. Gently wrap each succulent stem with wire and then attach it to the frame in the design of your choice. Another option is to use a foam wreath and just glue on the cuttings. With succulents’ eye-catching forms and textures, no bow is needed, though tiny autumnal signage or nature-inspired decoratives can be carefully glued into place. Tip: To avoid visual gaps, you can first cover the wreath forms with sphagnum moss.

Autumn Table Centerpiece. This decorative arrangement is a crafty way to showcase your mini-pot succulent collection. Purchase or repurpose a long and narrow wooden box or linear basket that can run down the center of your table,  counter, or bookshelf. Arrange small, potted succulents in appealing rows down the length of the box. If desired, fill in gaps with sphagnum moss or alternate votive candles in glass holders of complementing colors. Tip: Succulent rosettes can be arranged around the base of a stand-alone candle pedestal or other seasonal décor for visual interest.

Autumn Pumpkin Topper: Select a flat-bottomed pumpkin, and gather a knife, scooper, slotted planting container, succulent plants, and succulent soil. Cut off the pumpkin top, scoop out the pulp, and slip in a slotted container to hold the succulent mix. Then plant your pretties as a living topper that’s sure to top any store-bought arrangement!


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Happy Fall, Ya’ll!