Best Indoor Succulents

by Succulent Market AdminJun 24, 2020


A common question we receive at Succulent Market is, “what are the best succulents to use indoors”? Well, the answer isn’t too complicated! When buying succulents for the indoors, it is best to buy:


  • Haworthia Varieties
  • Aloe Varieties
  • And succulents with less color, so green succulents!


Below we will outline the positive aspects of these three succulent varieties that perform best indoors and why you should consider buying a Haworthia or Aloe for your home or workspace.





Haworthia succulent varieties are incredibly resilient in shaded environments. Haworthias are the best indoor succulents because they require a lot of shade. When we propagate and grow Haworthias, we have to use greenhouses with extra shade to protect our Haworthias from getting burned. This makes a Haworthia perfect for the indoors because Haworthias thrive in an environment where there is a lot of shade, and where they will not be exposed too direct sunlight. The indoors are an ideal place for a Haworthia succulent, besides a greenhouse, because the indoors can provide adequate shade that protects Haworthias from too much direct sunlight. If a Haworthia sounds perfect for you, check out our Haworthias for Sale on Succulent Market!




Like Haworthias, Aloes also thrive in shaded environments. Aloe varieties are not as good as Haworthias for the indoors, but regardless, Aloe varieties are still some of the best indoor succulents. During the process of propagating Aloe varieties, we grow Aloes in shaded greenhouses. Since our Aloes are grown in shaded greenhouses, they are ready to live in an environment with lots of shade. This is what makes Aloe varieties one of the best indoor succulents. Aloe varieties require a lot of shade; thus, Aloes are great indoor succulents because the indoors can satisfy the shade required by Aloes. If an Aloe sounds perfect for you, check out our Aloes for Sale at Succulent Market!





Green succulents are ideal for the indoors because they do not need as much sun to maintain their color. Other types of colorful succulents need a lot of sun to maintain their vibrant color. If you are in a place indoors, that does not have a windowsill or a-lot of sunlight, it is best to purchase a green succulent. This is because green succulents can tolerate more shade without losing their color.





Another plus of having a Haworthia, Aloe, or Green succulent indoors is that you will rarely ever have to water these succulent. Because these succulents will be in the shade, the moisture or water in their soil will stay for a more extended period, compared to succulents that are left outside. This means you will only have to water your succulents only once a month. In some cases, we have even heard stories of our customers only watering their indoor succulents once every two months! Clearly, these varieties our some of the best indoor succulents, if you’re interested in buying a Haworthia, Aloe, or Green succulent check out Succulent Market!