Best Indoor Succulents for Beginners

by Succulent MarketJan 4, 2021

best succulents for indoors


Looking to grow a succulent for the first time? Well, we’ve got exciting news! This guide will show the best indoor succulents for beginners. Best of all, they need little to no attention or effort!

Let’s get straight into it.


First up is Kalanchoe. This particular succulent can go without water for weeks, meaning that it’s very easy to maintain. It also grows much quicker than other succulents and produces beautiful multicolored flowers. In fact, the blossfeldiana variant of Kalanchoe has some of the longest blooming flowers in the plant world!

Best Kalanchoe varieties for beginners: 

  • Kalanchoe blossfeldiana
  • Kalanchoe pinnata
  • Kalanchoe beharensis
  • Kalanchoe porphyrocalyx and manginii


Agave is another popular succulent. It has large, pointed leaves and survives well in partial shade, making them an excellent choice for an indoor succulent. They can also tolerate drought well and thrive in most well-draining soils.

Best Agave varieties for beginners:

  • Agave attenuata
  • Agave parviflora
  • Agave Tequilana Azul
  • Agave victoria-reginae

Fun fact: tequila is distilled from the Agave tequilana plant.


Echeveria is best suited to growing outdoors, but as long as you place it by a window or somewhere at home that gets plenty of sunlight, then there’s no reason you can’t have it indoors too. Best of all, Echeveria can thrive out of neglect.

Best Echeveria varieties for beginners:

  • Echeveria Green Pacific
  • Echeveria elegans
  • Echeveria Blue Bird 
  • Echeveria Brown Rose


Aloe may be undemanding, but you still need to keep a few things in mind to keep it healthy. Only water it when the soil is completely dry and keep the plant in a bright spot so it grows at its best. 

Best varieties of Aloe for beginners:

  • Aloe vera
  • Aloe Aristata 
  • Aloe Blue Elf
  • Aloe Brevifolia 
  • Aloe Cha Cha
  • Aloe Zanzibarica

Fun fact: Aloe vera has many health benefits like boosting the immune system and improving the skin, which is why it’s popular in the beauty industry.


There are plenty of Crassula succulents out there and every single one is easy to grow. They don’t need watering often either. In the summer months, these plants go dormant and need scarcer watering.

Best varieties of Crassula for beginners:

  • Jade Plant
  • Crassula Ovata Variegata
  • Crassula Dubia 
  • Crassula Gollum 
  • Crassula Tetragona


Some Haworthia plants are transparent too so will bring something totally unique to your home. If you need a conversation starter, look no further than this plant. And, of course, it’s super easy to look after.

Best Haworthia varieties for beginners:

  • Haworthia Cooperi
  • Haworthia Retusa 
  • Haworthia Super White


    This is another great indoor succulent for beginners. It’s known as Tiger Jaws to many because of its leaves; they’re spiny and, as the name suggests, look like jaws. When in full bloom, it flowers gorgeous shades of pink, white and yellow. Plus, they can survive in extreme heat, emphasising this plant’s ability to grow without much water.

    Best varieties of Faucaria for beginners:

    • Faucaria boscheana
    • Faucaria felina
    • Faucaria tigerina
    • Faucaria gratiae


    This is a rather unusual houseplant. The Gasteria succulent resembles the shape of a tongue, which is why it’s also known as the Ox Tongue plant. It goes a step further; it’s flowers look like a stomach, which is behind its name. While it may be slightly strange to look at, it certainly deserves its spot on this list.

    Best varieties of Gasteria for beginners:

    • Gasteria Flow
    • Gasteria maculata
    • Gasteria glomerata


    The Sedum succulent looks excellent hanging from the ceiling or as a trailer. It requires little attention to grow, making it an excellent indoor succulent for beginners. Make sure you place it next to the window so it gets full sun. in return, it will display its stunning orange-red highlights.

    Best varieties of Sedum for beginners:

    • Sedum Burro’s tail
    • Sedum spectabile ‘Brilliant’
    • Sedum ‘Vera Jamison’
    • Sedum ‘Black Jack’