Best Succulents For Bathrooms

by Succulent MarketJan 15, 2021

best succulents for bathroom


Plants bring a touch of nature to the home. Not only do they brighten up a room, but they can also provide a host of health benefits too.

You can grow many plants indoors, but not all of them grow well in the bathroom due to the humidity and often lack of sunlight. The hardy nature of succulents, however, makes them an excellent addition.

But which succulents are the best for the bathroom? Read on to find out.

1. Aloe Vera

This is the best succulent for bathrooms. Aloe vera is a beautiful tropical plant that has a range of benefits. It originates from the Arabian Peninsula, but grows in tropical and arid climates all over the world. 

Aloe vera thrives in the bathroom for two main reasons. First, it doesn’t require much sunlight to grow. Second, it doesn’t need watering very often, so it's very low maintenance. 

It's no wonder why Aloe vera is one of, if the the most popular succulent in the world.

2. Chinese Money Plant

The Chinese Money Plant, also known as the Pancake plant, is one of the best indoor plants to grow at home. It gets its name from the shape of its unique, vibrant leaves so it's bound to brighten up your bathroom.

The popularity of the Chinese Money Plant grew in the eighties and ever since, it has spread across the globe. It’s actually very popular in Europe right now and it's easy to see why.

3. Orchid Cactus 

Native to Mexico, the Orchid Cactus is also a great succulent for the bathroom. It looks at its best when it overflows from the side of a hanging basket, which will certainly serve as a talking point.

The best thing about the Orchid Cactus is its flowers. They are very attractive and last for several weeks at a time. Because they’re going to be grown indoors, there’s no strong wind or disturbances so they’ll last even longer.

4. Ox Tongue Succulent

Ox Tongue is said to be a cousin of Aloe Vera due to its similar appearance. While this may not be scientifically true, it certainly doesn’t take anything away from its beauty.

Ox Tongue will look great in most rooms in the house, including the bathroom. It is a slow-growing succulent, so you don’t have to pay much attention to it. It doesn’t need a big pot and much space to grow either, so it’s great for sticking on the windowsill or in the corner - you’re good either way.

Note: if you decide to get an Ox Tongue succulent for the bathroom, just remember to fertilize it every few months.

5. Rex Begonia Vine

The Rex Begonia Vine originates from East Asia. Its name suggests that it’s some kind of begonia. However, the reason for its name is that it looks very similar to a plant with the same name.

Red Begonia Vine is a tropical succulent. It thrives in hot and humid conditions, making it perfect for placing in the bathroom where moisture levels are higher than any other room at home.

You will need a trellis or pole in the bathroom to support its climb though. Again, this could make for an interesting talking point and even bring something unique to a room that often gets overlooked in terms of interior design.

6. Pillow Feet Plant

The Pillow Feet plant has crinkled foliage, which is why it’s also known as the crinkle leaf plant. It’s native to South Africa and typically grows about two feet wide and one foot tall. This is the ideal size for growing a succulent in the bathroom. 

You could even plant this succulent outside. However, most people prefer to keep 

If you decide to purchase and grow this plant outside, you will have to overwinter it before the first frost date to make sure it does not die. 

7. Dolphin Necklace Succulent

The Dolphin Necklace Succulent is believed to be a hybrid between the Hot Dog Plant and “The String of Pearls”. It’s a gorgeous trailing succulent that will capture the attention whether it’s in the bathroom, on the mantelpiece or even in the garden.

This plant gets its name from its dolphin-like pendant leaves, so if you are a dolphin lover, you’re bound to get a kick out of it in the bathroom.