Best Succulents for the Office

by Succulent MarketApr 6, 2021

the best succulents for the office


Sad to leave your succulents at home when you go out to the office? If so, wouldn’t it be nice for some to greet you on your way in?

Succulents are very diverse and low maintenance, making them the perfect plant to have at the office, whether it’s next to you on your desk or just around the space to brighten up your office

This list of best succulents for the office will keep you in a great mood and working hard all day long.

The Christmas Cactus

When the winter nights roll in, the Christmas Cactus can leave you feeling warm inside your office even when the weather outside gets a little bit frightful.

It’s a rather unusual looking plant but what it lacks in aesthetics is more than made up for by its ease of care. The Christmas Cactus doesn’t need much light to grow well. In fact, it requires quite a lot of darkness in order for it to bloom pink, white flowers during the winter. 

Of course, it still does require some sunlight. This succulent prefers partial sun and cooler temperatures. It also requires infrequent watering, so you can go about your busy day without having to worry about it.

Little Warty 

This office succulent looks similar to an Aloe, but its leaves are thick and shaped like a tongue. They also have several shades of green blended into each other, tipped with a bronze hue to make for a very interesting sight.

Little Warty is a Gasteria succulent, meaning that it can thrive in low lighting conditions and is very easy to maintain. Ensure that it has good drainage and is watered infrequently.

Note that this succulent is not winter hardy so protect it from the cold at all costs. With this in mind, it’s probably best to keep it away from the air conditioning unit.

Lace Aloe

Wouldn’t you just love to have one of these succulents in your office? Its long, sword-like leaves are a true spectacle. They have a luscious dark green shade and have white spines along the margin, making them look rather unique.

One of the best things about the Lace Aloe is that it can survive for a long time without being exposed to bright light. It will grow better if placed by a window, but there’s no need to worry about it suffering if you can’t access one from your office.

Further, the Lace Aloe lives comfortably at room temperature and requires infrequent watering.

Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa belongs to the Hens and Chicks family. This particular office succulent has red and green leaves that form a rosette, covered by a white webbing.

While this plant can cope with low light, it can also grow well in full sun. Just make sure that you allow it to adapt to its environment over the course of a few days to ensure that it lives out its full life.

Plus, because it’s so easy to propagate, you can share your love of succulents with your coworkers.

Sweetheart Plant

Next up is the Sweetheart Plant and it’s the perfect succulent for the office. It gets its name from its heart-shaped leaves and works best when hanging from a container on top of a shelf, or in a hanging planter. When in bloom, this succulent produces pink, purple star-shaped flowers.

One of the reasons why this plant works so well in the office is that, once again, it’s very low maintenance. Give it some well-draining soil and infrequent watering and it will pretty much take care of itself. 

You also won’t need to repot it that often either as it blooms more frequently when it’s slightly root-bound.

Snake Plant 

This is, perhaps, one of the most popular office succulents. The Snake Plant doesn’t have a stem, but solitary, cylindrical leaves that stand up by themselves that can grow up to three feet high. In spring, the Snake Plant can produce white flowers from a stalk that grows separately from the leaves.

Snake Plants prefer partial sun but can tolerate low-light conditions. The more light it gets, the taller and stronger its leaves will grow. Well-draining soil is also essential to prevent standing water from rotting the roots.