How to Propagate Succulents

by Succulent Market AdminAug 21, 2020

An image of a person wondering how to propagate succulents


Many of our customers tend to think that propagating succulents is an incredibly hard and complicated process. Well, lucky for you propagating succulents is incredibly easy. Many people tend to pursue very complicated methods when propagating succulents, many of which are unnecessarily hard. In this article we will outline how to propagate succulents from a succulent cutting. After reading this and you feel ready to hop into succulent propagation,  you can buy succulent cuttings online from us! We have a wide variety of succulent cuttings for sale. We even cut our succulent cuttings on the very day we ship them to you! So, you can be sure that you are receiving only the best and freshest succulent cuttings.

1. Buy the Correct Potting Mix

It is first important to buy the correct potting mix for your succulent cuttings. Succulents require a well-draining potting mix. This is because when propagating succulents, succulents tend to prefer dry arid climates. This is because succulents need adequate airflow to their roots. If you utilize a soil that is too thick or loamy then your succulents will not be able to release excess water from their soil when watered. If a well-draining potting mix is not used then it is likely during the course of propagating your succulent that your succulent will rot. It is also important that your potting media has draining holes. This will allow for water to seep out of the bottom of the pot, as opposed to just accumulating at the bottom of the pot.  

2. Get Your Succulent Cuttings

The second step to propagating succulents is to get succulent cuttings. With succulent cuttings you can choose to either buy succulent cuttings or cut your own. When cutting a succulent cutting it is important to have a substantial amount of stem available after making the initial cutting. This is so you can firmly place your succulent cutting into the soil.

3. Plant Your Succulent Cuttings

After getting your succulent cuttings and a well-draining soil then you are ready to plant your succulent cuttings! Planting succulent cuttings is incredibly easy. Simply punch a hole into the soil with your finger and push the stem of your succulent firmly into the soil. After slowly push in the soil surrounding the stem of the succulent cutting. And that’s it! You can choose to only plant one cutting and see it grow by itself or plant multiple cuttings in an arrangement.

4. Do Not Water

The one thing to remember when planting your succulent cuttings is to not water after initially planting your succulent cutting. As a rule of thumb, you want to wait two weeks before your water your succulent cuttings after planting. It is important to wait two weeks before watering your succulents because your succulent cuttings need to sprout roots before being watered. So although waiting two weeks to water is a general rule to follow, it is best to water your succulent cuttings when you can slightly pull on the succulent cutting and it does not release itself from the pot. If you water your succulent cuttings too soon, then your succulent cuttings will rot. If the weather is incredibly hot and it looks like your succulents are beginning to wither then it is best to mist your succulents, but when misting only mist the succulents and not the soil.

5. Follow Best Practices

After you are done propagating your succulents and they begin to root, then it is just important to follow general best practices for succulent care. This includes only watering your succulent when the soil is completely dry and not exposing your succulent to freezing temperatures.

Well, we hope that this article was helpful and we wish you luck as you embark on your horticultural journey to propagate succulents. For more succulent care information check out our blog here!