IDEAS FOR WEDDING DECORATIONS: 10 Reasons and Ways to Use Succulents for Weddings

by Lynn KirkJun 23, 2021

ideas for wedding decorations


Need ideas for wedding centerpieces, bouquets, and guest favors? Well, first ditch the carnations! They’re so ordinary, so overused. Wedding celebrations deserve decorations as distinctive and stylish as the bride and groom. Here are 10 reasons and ways to use succulents at all your wedding festivities. 

  1. Succulents set the mood: Assorted succulents create a unique ambiance — one that’s natural, different, eye-catching, and even exotically romantic.
  2. Succulents are hardy: Good news: Decorations using succulents can be made in advance since they’ll last for weeks (even longer if planted). They won’t wither. Won’t droop. Won’t crush. And all these factors are important on that all-important day! Tip: Unlike most floral arrangements, succulents need no refrigeration.
  3. Succulents come in copious colors: The array of succulent shades and hue-tipped stems makes it easy to match—or effortlessly complement—most any color scheme. Select from true greens to frosty grey-greens; deep burgundies to rosy pinks; and orange-tipped golds to rich bronzes.
  4. Succulents stretch the budget: Succulents are a savvy solution when you’re looking for ways to stay within budget. Florists can buy assorted succulents directly from domestic growers in bulk. Or you can decide to DIY with the help of friends and family. Tip: Don’t forget to order specially blended succulent soil to help ensure the success of your plantings.
  5. Succulents carry through your theme: It’s charming to carry succulents through all your wedding events — from the initial engagement party and bridal shower to the rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony, and dinner party. Your hostesses and event planner will appreciate knowing your specific preferences, plus they’ll enjoy the opportunity to showcase showstopper succulent arrangements, as well as their own artistic talent.
  6. Succulents create a wonderful welcome: If the weather promises to be pleasant, place assorted succulents in temporary window boxes that add charm to outdoor views. Plant oversized stone planters with a variety of succulents, starting with a tall specimen plant in the center, surrounded by rosette succulents, and then topped with a trailing succulent that dangles down the side. Place the planters at the entry to welcome and wow your guests. Tip: After the wedding festivities, have the planters delivered to the newlyweds' home as a long-lasting memento!
  7. Succulent centerpieces make a statement: Arrange assorted succulents in shallow containers, such as rustic wooden boxes, heirloom crystal bowls, or tiered display stands. Another option is to plant them separately in miniature pots that can be arranged on tabletops in the shapes of initials, symbols, or circular wreaths. Elsewhere, group them in multicolored batches to fill in gaps and add visual interest to the buffet and dessert tables. Scatter the remaining potted succulents for pops of color on the beverage table, bar, and side tables. Don’t be afraid to mix elegance with the succulents. Dangle pearl strands, swaths of soft netting, or lace ribbons across the arrangements and onto the tables to soften the succulents’ textures and geometric shapes and to extend the centerpieces’ overall length. For the finishing touch, place a thin wood slab, linen doily, or lace underlay beneath each centerpiece.  Use your imagination when it comes to selecting the succulent container for your wedding centerpieces, such as: 
  • Miniature galvanized metal buckets
  • Old-fashioned footed dessert glasses
  • Monogrammed shot glasses
  • Terra cotta, ceramic, or stone flower pots
  • Crystal containers in the shape of a heart
  • Small, square wood drawers with a knob
  • Mini terrariums and glass orbs
  • Small mason jars, encircled by twine
  • Tiny potting cups, wrapped with burlap and lace ribbon
  • Rustic wooden boxes, natural or painted
  • Clear glass or metallic votive holders

 Tip: Don’t forget to adorn the restrooms with adorable succulent plantings, too!

8. Succulent bridal and bridesmaid bouquets are charming. Succulents are exquisite accompaniments for floral bouquets because they add texture, interest, and hard-to-find colors. Determine your main flowers first, then select succulents that work well as primary accents, fillers, or trailing plant sprays
9. Succulent groomsman boutonnieres are chic and simple. Men-in-attendance like succulents, too! A small echeveria or aeonium rosette can stand alone (wrapped with a bit of floral tape and floral wire). Or create a  boutonniere backdrop by tucking behind the rosette a smidgen of eucalyptus, sedum, portulacaria, crassula, or peperomia.
10. Succulent guest favors are memorable. Forget the tchotchkes and cheap throwaways! Potted succulents make valued gifts and guest favors. Again, succulents typically need minimal watering and care, so they can be prepared weeks in advance. Whether you set one at each place setting or arrange them creatively on a table near the exit, they’ll serve as decoration until the last guest departs with his or her "gift to go." Tip: Be sure to order a few thank-you gifts for your event hostesses, wedding director, bridal party, and parents. Succulent planters and dish gardens are the type of gift that keeps on giving and growing, just like your love.

Good luck . . . and congratulations from the Britsch Family at Succulent Market!