4 Types of Mobile Apps for Succulent Gardeners

by Lynn KirkAug 14, 2021

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Mobile apps for succulent gardeners? Sure! Nowadays there’s a software program for just about everything – including nifty apps to ensure your succulents' continued good health. You see, the folks at Succulent Market dedicatedly deliver healthy plants to your doorstep, so naturally we want to help you to keep them that way! We searched and found 4 types of mobile apps for succulent gardeners that will surely help . . .

(1) Identification Apps − Succulents can be a bit confusing when it comes to plant identification. Some botanists recommend examining the leaf shape when trying to ID a plant, while others suggest waiting for the flower. Though Succulent Market’s website provides lots of helpful photos, sometimes you  might forget the names over time -- especially if you own a large collection. Or perhaps you recall the genus but have no clue as to the species.

Does it really matter? Yes! Proper identification is crucial because different succulents have different needs. For example, among the cactus succulents, the prickly pear cactus is classified with desert cacti so it is more drought tolerant,  requires less water, and endures more sunlight than perhaps the Christmas and Easter cacti that are tropical-originating cacti. So when it comes to plant care, knowing who and what they are really matters!

Fortunately, there is help! Plant Snap can identify your succulents through your own photos. It will recognize the plant and provide botanical and common names, as well as care tips and cool trivia. Other ID apps worth checking out are iNaturalist and Pl@ntNet.

(2) Watering Apps − If you’ve killed a succulent or two, the reason is probably related to water. Too much water? Too little water? It's really kind of hard to know, especially for the beginner. Succulents store water in their fleshy leaves, stems, and/or roots, so most don’t need weekly watering like typical houseplants. However, succulents DO need some water to survive! The time to water most succulent plants is when their soil is completely dry. 

But perhaps you tend to forget your succulents altogether? Or maybe you have so many that you can’t recall where each is located and when each was last watered? If so, it’s probably time for a watering app.

The Happy Plant app enables you to set reminders that cue you to check your succulents for dryness based on different watering needs, whatever they are and wherever they are. Succulent Tracker is a similar program that also provides space to note dates of repotting, insect control, location changes, and the like. 

(3) Sunlight Tracker Apps If you live where succulents survive outdoors, you must consider how much sun each specifically needs throughout the year. Paddle plant, golden barrel cactus, etc. thrive in full sunlight while aloes, echeverias, etc. typically prefer lower-light conditions (again, depending on the species). Newly propagated plants also need a slow progression into sunlight because they can easily burn, and of course their roots may not be mature enough to handle full-fledged drought conditions.

The mobile apps called Sun Seeker and Sun Surveyor will track the sun’s movement and provide you with data on the number of hours of sun and shade in different locations around your home. Sure, you can do it on your own through observation, pen, and notebook . . .  but isn’t fun to experiment with yet another app? And besides, the sun's brightness changes seasonally, which the app will record for your ongoing reference.

(4) Social Apps for Succulent Enthusiasts − Want to 'meet' other gardeners who share your passion for succulents? Or desire to network with other gardeners for expert advice? Find (or start!) a Facebook group, which is super easy because all you have to do is post a really neat photo. Comments and followers will appear from most everywhere, all eager to share their own pride and joys, as well as their own counsel for success. Tip: Just beware those who promote offerings of rare succulents, for many are globally protected and therefore not approved for sale under any circumstances. 

These 4 types of mobile apps for succulent gardeners are rated by consumers as 4-stars and above, and most are free. However, please note that Succulent Market does not specifically endorse any mobile apps for succulent gardeners. We simply encourage our favorite customers (YOU!) to make use of the wonderful resources that exist.  

After all, we all want the BEST LIFE for all of our succulents!