12 Months/12 Reasons Succulents Are Year-Round Buys

by Lynn KirkDec 7, 2021


Succulents aren’t reserved solely for holidays and special occasions — though they’re certainly great for both. Here are 12 months/12 reasons succulents are year-round buys . . . courtesy of Succulent Market, the nation’s largest domestic grower of succulents.

JANUARY > You made a New Year’s resolution to start a new hobby.

Growing succulents is interesting. Inexpensive. Easy. Rewarding. No wonder 2021 marked the country’s biggest year yet in succulent sales! But one note of caution: Succulent plants (especially cacti) are utterly fascinating, so they tend to be utterly addictive! 

FEBRUARY > You need a Valentine's Day gift that symbolizes your ‘growing’ love.

Candy = unhealthy. Flowers = not unique. Jewelry = pricey. A rock garden or collection of succulent plants = lasts a lot longer, just like your love.

MARCH > You want a bit 'o' green for your St. Patty’s party.

Succulents come in countless shades of green, with many indoor varieties boasting emerald greens all year long. That's why they've become popular decoratives for March 17th and spring gatherings. Succulents also make one-of-a-kind living gifts, as well as lively guest giveaways for weddings, bridal showers, housewarmings, and business events.

APRIL > You want to extend your outdoor landscape.

Succulents act as lovely complements to perennial flowerbeds. They also double as weed-squelching groundcovers and low-height garden accents. Most succulents tend to be hardy survivors, so they also work well around rocks and areas with unwelcoming soil. Tip: Just be sure to check your plant zone before assuming they’ll return next year.

MAY > You need a special present for your special mom.

She’s given you her best; here’s your chance to give the best to her! Succulent planters and gardens are gifts that will continually remind her of you.

JUNE > You need a Father’s Day gift, too.

Some of those cacti are quite interesting (like your dad?). And better yet, they’re forgiving when he forgets to water them. He'll enjoy his plant wherever he sets it -- sunny garage, kitchen, or perhaps his office.

JULY >  You need some cool projects to make with the kids.

Summer gets long for kids out of school . . . unless you keep them busy. Succulent plants and soil + repurposed planter + nature’s treasures and craft store props + their endless imagination = Fairy gardens and gnome homes that everyone treasures. Tip: Grandparents, this is a project you can handle, too!

AUGUST  > You want to select some new succulents for your collection.

Succulent Market is always adding more varieties for your ordering pleasure. Bookmark www.SucculentMarket.com as a reminder to check back often for the latest and greatest. Better yet, stay up-to-date by signing up for our newsletter and e-blasts.

SEPTEMBER > You want to teach students how to grow things.

Whether you’re a teacher, children’s leader, or homeschooling parent, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to teach children about the plant world through succulent plants' growth and care. Order healthy plants and soil from Succulent Market, then you’ll have endless options for teaching your youngsters about plant needs, planting, watering, and propagating. Don't forget lessons about plant processes like photosynthesis . . . and the list goes on!

OCTOBER > You want to make some crafts with friends.

A bulk purchase of assorted succulent cuttings + hot glue + accessories = Living jewelry, purse decoratives, and hair barrettes that are fun to make and even more fun to wear.

NOVEMBER > You want to design a distinctive Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Succulents jazz up a dining table and buffet setup, whether aligned in rows among votive candles, clustered in groupings, arranged in circles, or inserted atop a top-cut-out pumpkin centerpiece. The options are as endless as the products Succulent Market sells.

DECEMBER  > You want to check off your holiday gift list without leaving home.

Gifting doesn’t get much easier than just-a-few-clicks shopping. And due to the cold temps and wintry ailments, it’s sometimes best to shop from home. With Succulent Market, your gift order is wrapped carefully; shipped quickly; delivered easily; and received joyfully!

So now you understand the12 months/12 reasons succulents are year-round buys. And for your convenience, Succulent Market stays open 24/7 via its online catalog. Just log onto www.SucculentMarket.com, check out our product pages, and discover even more full-color reasons succulents are year-round buys.

REMEMBER: All 12 months, Succulent Market delivers health and happiness in the form of succulent plants!