Succulents: Natural Air Purifiers

by Succulent MarketDec 30, 2020


One of the best things about being outdoors in nature is the ability to breathe in fresh air that is free of the many pollutants present in today’s urban areas. Sometimes it seems impossible to get away from annoying pollutants that seem to be ever-present in the air while at home or where we live. This is the reason why for most people there is nothing more refreshing and reassuring than the feeling of breathing in fresh unpolluted air. The feeling of having access to a  supply of fresh air is one of the many reasons our customers have turned to succulents as a source of natural air purification. Succulents allow you to replicate the feeling of being out in nature, breathing in fresh air, while at home. With succulents, taking a deep breath of fresh unpolluted air at home has never been more attainable. In this guide, we will be describing how succulents are natural air purifiers and how you can use this natural air purification to benefit your health and wellbeing.


How Succulents Release Fresh Oxygen

For succulents, natural air purification occurs primarily during photosynthesis. This is when succulents absorb carbon dioxide from the surrounding air source, and in response releases fresh oxygen. Succulents require carbon to grow. When succulents lack carbon they are likely to begin to lose strength in their stem and leaves. When exposed to light succulents draw carbon dioxide from the air, satisfying their natural need for carbon. During this process, succulents purify the air by drawing carbon from the local air space and releasing fresh oxygen.

How Succulents Remove Toxins 

In addition to releasing fresh oxygen, succulents are also able to purify the air by removing harmful cancer-causing volatile organic toxins such as formaldehyde and benzene. Formaldehyde is present in many household items like building materials, insulation, glues, and paints. Like formaldehyde, benzene is also present in many household items like glues, adhesives, dyes, detergents, paint strippers, cleaning products, tobacco smoke, and gasoline. This is important because succulents remove these dangerous volatile organic compounds. In a 1989 study “A Study of Interior Landscape Plants for Indoor Air Pollution Abatement” by NASA, it was found that indoor plants like succulents clean the air of volatile organic compounds (VOC), specifically benzene and formaldehyde. It was found in this study that succulents break down VOC toxins in their roots, in addition to the roots, these toxins are also absorbed in the soil and broken down by micro-organisms. This means that succulents do not only release fresh oxygen into the air, but they are also able to purify the air of harmful toxins.

Natural Humidification

Succulents are also able to serve as natural humidifiers. Succulents increase the humidity within an indoor space which can prevent many raspatory problems, like dry cough and sore throat, from developing. When a succulent is watered it draws the water from the soil into its leaves through a process called transpiration. During this process of transpiration, water in the succulent’s leaves evaporates into the local air supply. This allows succulents to serve as natural humidifiers, as the water that evaporates from their leaves increasing the humidity within a home or indoor space. Why is this important? It’s because higher concentrations of water vapor in the air prevent raspatory problems, like dry cough and sore throat, from developing.

When it comes to natural air purification, succulents are a fun and unique way to clean and purify your air at home or anywhere indoors. If you’re interested in purchasing succulents please feel free to check out our selection of farm-fresh succulents by clicking the button below. As a way to welcome you to the farm, please accept 10% off your first order with code: Welcome10.