What Makes Us Special?

by Succulent MarketFeb 10, 2021

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At Succulent Market it is our mission to provide the most vibrant, healthy, and colorful succulents so that you can enjoy all of their amazing benefits. We think that cactus and succulents are amazing because:

  1. Their low maintenance
  2. Sustain feelings of positivity, productivity, and bliss.
  3. Purify the air of harmful toxins.


Cactus and succulents only have to be watered once every 2-3 weeks, and numerous academic studies show that cactus and succulents purify the air, increase productivity, and create personal feelings of positivity and bliss. We want you to experience all of the amazing benefits cactus and succulents have to offer, for this reason, we have outlined a couple of special things that we do to send you the most amazing cactus and succulent plants. 

50+ Years of Experience

We have been growing cactus and succulents for over 50 years. Why is this important? Because growing healthy, strong, and colorful cactus and succulents takes years to master. We have learned many techniques and methods that allow us to keep our cactus and succulents strong, healthy, and colorful. Many of our customers describe our cactus and succulents as the healthiest, strongest, and most colorful cactus and succulents that they have ever received.

The California Sun 

Our nursery is located in Vista California, centered in North County San Diego. The Mediterranean climate we have here in San Diego is ideal for the growth of colorful cactus and succulent plants. What many people don’t know is that cactus and succulent plants receive their amazing color from the sun. With such strong sun rays year round, we can propagate cactus and succulents with the most striking and incredible colors. 

Straight From the Nursery

When you place an order with us, we only want you to receive the freshest, healthiest, and most colorful cactus and succulents. For this reason, when we fulfill your order, we select your cactus and succulents straight from our greenhouses. This means that we handpick your cactus and succulents from our greenhouses on the very day we package and ship your order.


At Succulent Market we specialize in the growth and propagation of Echeveria succulents. Echeveria succulents are the preferred variety by many succulent enthusiasts because of their amazing colors and rosette shapes. Due to our Mediterranean climate, and year-round sun, we can grow the most colorful echeveria succulents. With over 50 individual varieties of Echeveria succulents, Succulent Market is the go-to choice for vibrant Echeveria succulents.

We are very passionate about cactus and succulent plants. This is because we know that our cactus and succulents will have a positive impact on the lives of our customers. This is why we are motivated to grow only the healthiest and most colorful cactus and succulent plants. We hope that you can join in on our passion for cactus and succulent plants. Let us help you begin or continue your horticultural journey by placing your first order of the healthiest and most colorful succulents online with Succulent Market.