When Do Succulents Flower?

by Succulent MarketOct 19, 2020

succulent flower


Succulents look amazing when they bloom. It’s a sign that they’re happy and healthy. But some succulents don’t bloom and others may never bloom.

When do succulents flower? Should they flower? How do you care for a flowering succulent?

These are just some of the many questions people have about succulents. This short guide will answer them all.

Why Do Succulents Flower?

At their core, succulents are just like every other plant. They want to attract pollinators so they can reproduce. And the best way to attract a pollinator is with a flower; they’re bright and have a sweet scent that creatures like bees and butterflies cannot resist.

Wild succulents rely on insects to pollinate their flowers. When cultivated, succulent flowers can be pollinated by hand via a paintbrush. It doesn’t matter that an animal hasn’t pollinated it as the goal has still been met. Seeds can then be harvested, germinated and planted to grow new succulents.

When Do Succulents Bloom?

Succulents flower throughout the year, depending on the species. Some will flower during the spring and summer months, but some may also flower later on in the year. The environment is another contributing factor.

How To Take Care Of A Flowering Succulent

When your succulent flowers, you don’t need to give it any extra special treatment. Flowering succulents are proof that the plant has everything it needs to thrive. Just continue doing exactly what you’re already doing and the succulent will take care of the rest.

Some people like to give succulents extra nutrients just to make sure it has enough to keep the bloom. If you plan on going down this route, give the plant some fertiliser at around half-strength every few weeks. 

The only time your succulent will bloom at its fullest, or fail to bloom at all for that matter, is when they’re overwatered. You’ll know if it’s been overwatered as the succulent will shoot a bloom stalk but that’s as far as it goes. So, if you want your succulent to bloom, make sure it has enough water but not too much.

Can You Plant Succulent Flowers?


Succulent flowers do not grow into new succulents. Only the seeds will grow into a new flower. In order for the seeds to be produced, they must be pollinated either naturally or artificially. The seeds must then be harvested, germinated and planted in the appropriate soil to grow into a new plant.

Instead of planting the succulent flower, you can propagate the plant’s leaves and stems. This is fairly easy to do and is more than enough to increase your succulent collection.

Should You Cut The Flowers Off Succulents?

Succulents use quite a lot of energy to create and maintain their flowers. However, some people aren’t too keen on them, so they will cut the flowers off in an attempt to tell the succulent to focus its energy on growing instead. 

In terms of whether this is a good idea enough, it’s up to you. If you do decide to remove them, for best practice, wait for the succulent to finish flowering and they’ve dried up before cutting them off.

What Should You Do After The Succulent Blooms?

Again, this depends on the type of succulent you have. It can be weeks or even months before its blooms dry up. You can leave the stalks untouched, but they can start to look quite unappealing when it begins to dry. It’s a good idea to cut the bloom stalk off after the succulent has finished flowering.

Sharp pruning shears and scissors are a must. Cut the blooming stalk as near to the plant as you can. Make sure you avoid the leaves too.

Once you’ve removed the blooming stalk, taking care of your succulent is back to normal. After your plant has flowered for the first time, it’s likely to bloom again around the same time each year.

Do Succulents Die After Flowering?

Most succulents will not die after they’ve flowered. However, some succulents will die after flowering. Examples include Hens and Chicks, most Aeoniums and Agave plants too. 

You can tell if the plant will die after flowering by the flowering itself. If the flower comes from the centre of the plant, then it’s likely that it will die after flowering. If the flower comes from the plant’s sides, then it’s likely that it won’t die after flowering.