Why to landscape with succulents?

by Lynn KirkJan 10, 2022

landscape with succulents


If your landscape needs to be upgraded or updated, think SUCCULENTS.

If your garden beds are ample but beg for attractive accents, think SUCCULENTS.

If your region has arid tendencies with sandy, rocky soil, think SUCCULENTS.

Even if your backyard is just a plethora of patio pots, think SUCCULENTS!

Why else landscape with succulents?

Fascination and captivation. The world of succulents can add a world of enchantment to an already established landscape. Succulent plants deliver the quaint, quirky, and downright queer characteristics of nature that are hard to fathom, but easy to love. They can add interest and depth to the landscape, as well as critical contrasts and crazy colors. They also jazz and pizzaz like no other plants!

Carefree care. Sod lawns, ornamental plants, and fruit trees require constant nurturing, watering, fertilizing, weeding, spraying, and repeats of the same. None of that applies to the majority of succulents! This plump family of plants stores water in its roots, stems, and leaves so little watering ordinarily is required — maybe once a month (depending on dormancy, outdoor temperatures, and rainfall). That makes them tolerant of drought … and the forgetful gardener! Succulents need little to no fertilizer, too unless you want to give them a boost during their growing season. Some groundcover succulents also ease the need to weed because they grow close together, forming outdoor carpets that resist those unwanted, grow-on-their-own intruders. And bonus: Few pests show interest in succulents (and those that do are fairly simple to contain). Truly, in the plant world, succulents might be THE easiest to garden.

So otherwise, why landscape with succulents?

Smart investment. These pleasing perennials tend to return year after year in USDA Plant Zones 9 through 12. They also can be enjoyed in colder regions when considered annuals or overwintered indoors. Succulents are valued because many quickly reproduce, while others grow far and wide. So ask yourself: What’s smarter (and simpler!) than investing in plants with potential to multiply, grow, and repeat?

Eco-friendly. Since succulents need minimal water and nutrients, they’re naturally eco-friendly. A mature succulent’s blooms also welcome pollinators that support a healthy ecosystem — such as daytime birds and bees, or nighttime bats and moths. However, be sure to verify whether a succulent species is compatible with your region. Nothing is worse than losing a plant because it’s mis-planted . . . unless it’s planting an aggressive invader. A non-native in the wrong place can eventually take over a landscape as it literally "makes itself at home."

Vast variety. Whether you want thriller accent plants that cause visitors to stop in their tracks or discreet filler plants that plug in garden gaps, chances are you’ll find solid solutions among the succulent species. A quick study of succulent forms and characteristics proves that these practical perennials range from miniature to massive; fuzzy to smooth; multi-faceted to single-stem; and trailing to towering. Their colors run the gamut, too, from vibrant grass-green to heather-green; soft-peach to sundown-coral; and pink-tipped to regal-burgundy.

More answers to why landscape with succulents . . .

Practical purposes. Mature succulents and their leaves are ideal for decorating and craft-making, while propagated plants are perfect as presents. The succulent landscape even doubles as an outdoor classroom where youngsters (and yes, you grown-ups, too) can learn about plant processes, horticulture, ecosystems, and mankind's role in environmental stewardship.

Budget friendly. Forget the high-end prices, unless you’re into rare species and collectibles. Most succulents appropriate for the outdoor landscape are so reasonably priced that they’re hard to resist. They're also comparable to other landscape stock. Besides, you can buy one and propagate lots more!

So why landscape with succulents? Because it just makes sense!

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