Sedum Succulent Cuttings

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 Large 2-3 Inch Size: An assortment of Sedum succulent cuttings ranging from 2-3 inches in size. 


- Hand-Cut:  Freshly cut from our stock 24 hours before fulfillment.  


- Easy to Grow: Slightly moisten soil. Plant cuttings. Wait 2 weeks before watering. After, water once every 2-3 weeks when soil is completely dry.  


- High Quality: Family Farm with 55+ years of experience growing succulents. 


- Secure Delivery: Secure packaging & shipping. Customer satisfaction guaranteed. 



Reasons to Buy


All of our succulent cuttings for sale are cut the very day we package and ship. We have been growing succulents for 50+ years. For this reason, we have extensive succulent cutting stock. This means that you will receive only the best and highest quality succulent cuttings.


Succulent Market has the most variety of succulent cuttings online. Since we have been propagating and growing our stock of succulent cuttings for over 50 years, we have an extensive number of succulent cutting varieties readily available to send. When you purchase one of our packs of succulent cuttings for sale expect incredible variety.


Succulent Market provides the best succulent cuttings for sale at the best price. This is because we do not buy in any of our succulent cuttings. We produce all of our succulent cuttings ourselves and cut them from our stock of succulents that have been growing for over 50 years.

About Our Succulent Cuttings for Sale

Why should you buy our succulent cuttings? Well, because of our quality! At Succulent Market we provide the absolute freshest and best succulents cuttings for sale. This is because on the day we ship your succulent cuttings we go out into our succulent stock and cut your succulent cuttings the very day we ship them to you. This type of freshness and quality cannot be matched by any other succulent stores online because they tend to buy-in their succulent cuttings from places like us. Everything that we send to you is grown by our team of succulent experts with 50 plus years of experience. We truly have the best succulent cuttings online. This is because when you buy succulent cuttings online from Succulent Market you are buying from the true succulent source. So, what are you waiting for! Buy the best and freshest succulent cuttings for sale online!

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