Succulent Soil - One Gallon (4 Quarts)

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Over the course of 50 years, we have discovered the perfect blend of peat moss and perlite that is guaranteed to grow and maintain the healthiest and hardiest succulents.


Our succulent soil is perfect for Kalanchoe, Haworthia, Sedum, Echeveria, Crassula, and Aeonium succulents.


We now offer our premiere blend of well-draining succulent soil for sale in a gallon, this special blend of succulent soil is only available on our retail site here on Succulent Market.

Benefits of a Cactus or Succulent Purchase

Feel Better

Breathe Better

Live Better

Will I Be Able to Take Care of My Cactus or Succulent ?

One of the most primary concerns amongst our customers when contemplating a cactus or succulent purchase is if they will be able to keep a cactus or succulent alive …
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