5 Things to Consider When Buying Succulent Plants Online

by Lynn KirkAug 25, 2022

Things to consider when buying succulents online


Ready to decorate with succulents? Or excited to grow your current collection? There are 5 things to consider when buying succulent [plants online.

1. Domestic or Imported. Research the growing location before you buy. By that, we don’t mean the plant’s native origin over the millennia. Rather, where are the plants grown and propagated today? After all, If your succulents made the long haul from Mexico or beyond, they’ve already spent untold days inside trucks, probably without sunlight, water, or continual care. Domestic growers take pride in delivering farm-fresh plants (and you can take pride in knowing you're supporting the American business economy). So enhance your growing success by starting with healthy domestic specimens that ship in a day!

2. Plant Varieties. Check out the online retailer’s menu of plants. If the options are limited, move on. Instead, look for an web store that sells a wide range of succulents. It takes knowledge to handle differing needs of different plant varieties. Also read the “About Us” section on the retailer’s website to verify the growing practices, ratings, and over-the-long-term reliability. And while you’re there, see if the e-site sells succulent soil and planting containers. An experienced, full-service retailer supports one-stop shopping and increases your odds for a long-term relationship!

3. Overall Costs. Look at the per plant cost, as well as any hidden costs. Are the prices comparable to other online retailers? Are shipping and handling included in the list price? What a disappointment to pick out your plants and fill in all the order blanks only to discover, at the very end, that a whopping S&H fee will be added. Look for online retailers who publish one set price for everything, right up front, including wrapping and shipping from their greenhouse straight to your house. That way you know whether the cost matches your budget—and expectations—right from the start!

4. Shipping Practices. Reading the website’s fine print is another one of the 5 things to consider when buying succulent plants online. Is there a mention of shipping practices? If not, beware. It’s safer to buy from a grower who details its process for wrapping, protecting, and shipping plants. Are there step-by-step descriptions with photos that verify the methods?

5. Guarantees. Are they any written guarantees? If a plant happens to be damaged during shipping (yes, that sometimes happens), will the retailer replace it for free? Or will he refer you to the shipper to battle it on your own? If the grower is serious about his guarantee, there will be specific information on the website that includes the process for reporting any problems. Again, read the fine print to ensure that the retailer will respond appropriately in case you’re not 100% satisfied.

These 5 things to consider when buying succulent plants online will help you locate the retailer who is right for you. And by the way, Succulent Market meets all these criteria! That’s because Succulent Market:

  • Grows and propagates all its plants domestically in greenhouses located right here in the good ole’ USA.
  • Offers more than 100 varieties of succulents, including cacti, for your growing collection.
  • Keeps costs down by propagating and growing in bulk. Also transparently reveals your final cost since S&H costs are included in every per plant price. What you see is what you pay. Period.
  • Explains its shipping practices with complete descriptions, plus step-by-step photos.
  • Guarantees your satisfaction and makes it easy to report any problems. Succulent Market wants every customer to be a happy customer, as well as a successful gardener. As a sixth-generation family-run business, Succulent Market has been around for 60 years. That’s your guarantee that your new plants will arrive healthy and happy.

So next time you buy succulent plants, log on SucculentMarket.com. This popular retailer meets all 5 things to consider when buying your succulents online ... and you'll love their user-friendly website!