by Lynn KirkApr 28, 2021

mothers day succulents


Mother's Day 2021 is Sunday, May 9.

How and when did Mother’s Day start? And what are some tips for sure-to-please gift ideas for mom? Discover both answers in this Mother’s Day blog, and share it with family and friends!

 History of Mother’s Day  

Celebrating and honoring mothers is nothing new.  After all, she is the center of the family. Since the days of the ancients, the Romans and Greeks honored their “mother goddesses” through offerings, festivals, and holidays. Centuries later, “Mothering Day” was a Sunday when European worshipers were encouraged to return to their family’s “mother church ” for a special service.

Fast forward to the 20th century. Philadelphian Ann Jarvis became the Mother of Mother’s Day by honoring her late mother for her many accomplishments, such as developing community organizations of women’s groups that promoted friendship and health. Ann planned a memorial service at her mother’s home church in Grafton, West Virginia on May 12, 1907. The gesture gained attention, and within five years, almost all U.S. states observed Mother’s Day. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson made Mother’s Day official as a national holiday.

Mother’s Day celebrations continue, but traditions vary among the states and across the globe. Some follow Jarvis’ tradition of wearing fresh carnations, often in the form of a corsage, in honor or memory of their mother. A white carnation infers that one’s mother is deceased, while a red or pink corsage indicates that she is still living. Others skip the formality, opting for multi-generational family gatherings instead. Some also extend the observance by recognizing grandmothers, aunts, foster moms, and stepmothers, too – that is, anyone who serves as a maternal caretaker and mentor.

DID YOU KNOW?  More phone calls are made on Mother’s Day than any other in the year. Likewise, many family restaurants cite Mother’s Day as their busiest day of the year.

 7 Tips for Mother’s Day Gifts

So how do you honor the first woman in your life? Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show your appreciation through thoughtful gift giving. But let’s be honest: It’s never easy to find just the right gift.

Fret no more! Nifty ideas for Mother’s Day gift giving are right at your fingertips. Succulent Market’s traditional succulents and miniature cactuses make ideal presents for 7 reasons:

1. Budget Friendly. Your bank account may not correlate with your wish list.


SOLUTION: Potted succulents are available in a wide range of prices—from $5.99 to $99.99—so you can easily control how much you spend. Order a single plant or gift a collection, such as the Rock Dish Garden, Aloe Collection, or Zebra Collection.  

 rock succulent dish garden

2. Countless Options. Duplication is almost certain after years of gift giving. Really, does your mom need (or want) another set of notecards or more jewelry? Will she really appreciate another never-to-be read book or never-to-be-used gift certificate?


SOLUTION: There are hundreds of species and varieties of succulents that offer varied sizes, textures, blooms, and colors. There’s even a Cat-friendly Collection and a Beginner’s Collection!


3. Easy to Grow. Even if your mom doesn't have the legendary “green thumb” she typically will enjoy success with succulents.

SOLUTION: The nickname “no-fuss plants” definitely applies to succulents. They expect minimal watering, many are happy inside or out, and pruning and fertilizing are seldom needed. For easy-to-follow instructions on succulent care, click here.


4. Distinctiveness: You truly want your gift to be unique.

SOLUTION: If creativity is not your gift, don’t worry. It’s ours! Every product is special in its own way, just like your mom.

5. Do It Yourself. You prefer an hand-crafted gift customized just for her.

SOLUTION: Order a bulk of Succulent Cuttings in a 20-pack or 50-pack, and don’t forget the special soil. Then arrange them in your own plant dish, hanging basket, colander, or other repurposed container. If you need help, click here. And remember: Creativity is optional, since succulents look good no matter what you do!

succulent cuttings

6. Super Value. Value is what she deserves, but it’s so hard to find in this short-term-benefits, make-a-big-profit world. Flowers eventually wilt, candy disappears all too soon (much to her diet’s chagrin), and gadgets always break.

SOLUTION: Succulents can last years and years with proper care, and their beauty abounds. Now that’s long-term value for sure!


7. Easy to Order. Avoid driving, walking aisles wearing a smothering mask, and standing in lines some six feet apart. Also, forget about having to deal with  returns.

SOLUTION: Just click here, order, and relax! But the clock is ticking, so please don't delay!