Succulent Pots that Pop!

by Lynn KirkApr 27, 2022

succulent pots


Just as important as plants are the pots you plant them in! That’s because planter containers do more than just hold soil and succulents; they showcase them! With this in mind, Succulent Market recently increased its inventory of pots and planters. Their new supply of "succulent pots that pop" ranges in color from artesian taupe to raspberry . . .  in size from 2 inches to 5.5 inches wide . . . and in singles as well as sets of 2, 3, 4, and 5 (depending on the type). So what’s your pleasure?

Hanging Pots: These lil’ beauties are 3-inch, vertical ovals, so they resemble a hanging Easter egg with an open side. They’re sold in a set of 4 so you can enjoy the softest of pastels in yellow, peach, tan, and aqua. For your convenience, they’re topped with a short, beaded cord for hanging.

Serenity Pots: These 4-inchers are rounded and smooth. The set of 5 comes in soft muted yellow, blue, lavender, teal, and bluebird blue. They feature just enough sheen to capture the eye!

Square Pots: Like the Serenity Pots, these feature a smooth, shiny surface . . . except the structure is square. Also 4-inches wide, these come in a set of 4: black, seafoam, medium raspberry, and white. Available in black and multi-colors, too!

Glazed Pots: Glazing combined with an urn shape make these hard to resist. The set of 4, 4-inch pots features striking colors, too: gold, raspberry, forest green, and navy blue.

White Pots: Clean and contemporary are these rounded, 4-inch pots. Offered in a set of 3, their pristine whiteness ensures that all the focus is on the succulent plant itself.

Black Pots: You guessed it! Same as above, except midnight in color.

Desert Pots: This single clay-colored, 5-inch dish is embellished with a cacti-and-mountain rendering. Perfect for a desert vibe!

Vanilla Bisque Pots: Not sure about solid white? Then compromise with these round two-tones. The clay-colored base is topped with an attractive white band. Available in 2-inch pots as a set of 3.

Artesian Taupe Pots: Same as the Vanilla Bisque offering, but the topper is a rich taupe in color. Beautiful earth tones, just like nature!

Strawberry Pots: Succulents love the ins-and-outs of strawberry pots, as do gardeners who can showcase several pretties all in one! This set of 5 features the colors of raspberry, greenish-gold brown, light aqua, navy blue, and moss green. Great for a collector or a gift!

By the way: Color descriptors can be subjective, so be sure to check out the "pots that pop" photos at Go to the base of any page and click on SERVICES > SUCCULENT POTS. A full page of goodies will populate for your pot-shopping pleasure!

And speaking of SERVICES, don’t forget that Succulent Market also offers succulent soil (perfectly blended for maximum drainage) . . . succulent cuttings (for propagating and craft making) . . . potted succulents (for doorstep delivery) . . . and corporate gifts (for clients and prospects). Consider us your one-stop shop for all your succulent wants and needs!