TIps & Tricks to Care for Indoor Succulents

by Succulent Market ADMINSep 18, 2020

Succulents are great indoor plants. They are plants that have thick leaves and stems that can store tons of water. A lot of people prefer to keep succulents indoors because of their minimal care requirements and properties that make them much more tolerant and healthier for the environment. So, with that being said what are the minimal care requirements for succulents?

Well, we will find out just that. This is a guide for tips and tricks on how to care for your succulents and to ensure that they are always in excellent health.


1.     Proper placement

The vital thing about caring and growing succulents, whether indoors or outdoors is the placement of the plants. Most succulents require around 6 hours of sunlight each day so if you can place them next to a window that gets sunlight, or outdoors, that would be great. That would make sure that they have optimal growth and their health is great.

Alternatively, you can install fluorescent lights if you can’t find a place with enough sunlight. There are some houses, flats, and apartments that do not have windows. If you live in such a setting there is no need to worry. You can install a fluorescent bulb. A red or white bulb tends to work best, it is always best to stay away from green.

2.     Rotate your succulents regularly

While placing your succulents in a appropriate location is key, rotating your succulents regularly is equally important. If you have placed your succulents in a nice location where they get enough sunlight, it’s inevitable that only one side is getting enough light while the other is deprived of sunlight. Therefore, it is best to rotate your plants so they can get the correct amount of sunlight regularly.


3.     Choose the right succulent according to your desires

There are many types of succulents that exist in the succulent family. It is great if you know what succulent you are getting since it will help you learn more about its lighting requirements. Although succulents don’t vary much in terms of care, there are still some little things that you must remain aware of such as sunlight, and other things that might vary a little.

Some of the best indoor succulent choices are the following:

  1. Aloe Vera (beneficial for various purposes)
  2. Panda Plant
  3. Zebra Plant
  4. Jade Plant
  5. Haworthia Venusta
  6. Haworthia Cooperi

4.     A good potting medium

As soon as you bring your plant home, you will probably have to re-pot it. Make sure that the potting medium is one with good drainage and airflow.

Contrary to popular beliefs, do not use sand as a potting medium. Succulents prefer loose and rocky soil to grow with the in some cases during summer with the help of fertilizers.

5.     Use a good container

This is a continuation of the previous tip. If you are re-potting, which you will have to, use a container that has a drainage hole and is larger than the container you brought the plant in. We usually don’t prefer glass containers as they hinder the growth of the roots and don’t let them grow as much as they should.


6.     Water as required

Succulents are not really thirsty plants but, they still need to be watered. In the growth period, succulents require more water than when they are resting. Usually, they thrive in Spring and Summer, while they rest in Fall and Winter.

Water the Soil Directly

You need to water the soil directly, not necessarily your succulents as the plants will use water from the soil. When you are watering your plants, moisten the soil with water until water starts running out of the bottom of the drainage holes. This will indicate that this is enough water and it has gotten to the bottom. If you are using a container without a drainage hole, use less water. Only water your succulents again when the soil becomes completely dry