What are the BEST Echeveria Succulents?

by Lynn KirkMay 12, 2021

the best echeveria succulents


Determining the best echeveria succulents is like deciding the best holidays of the year. Each is special for its own reasons, so you tend to love them all. The best echeverias are perhaps the most popular, most recognized, and most widely grown of all succulents … and the reasons are many! Here’s an overview about what makes them the best, so YOU can decide the best echeveria succulents for YOU!


Each echeveria is as eye-catching as the next … and that says a lot, since the best echeveria succulents encompass hundreds of species, hybrids, and cultivars.

  •  Colors: Echeverias’ rainbow of colors runs the gamut, from soft pastels to deep hues, and traditional grey-greens to burgundy-purples. Perhaps the best echeveria succulents are those that boast multiple colors on the same plant. Some feature an accent color on their leaf tips, while others present duo-toned hues throughout. One thing is certain: the color wheel of echeverias is as diverse as the painter’s palette. No wonder the best echeveria succulents are utilized in special-event centerpieces, wedding flora, and rock gardens for special-occasion gifting. You can choose the colors that are right for you!


  •  Forms: The echeveria’s triangular leaves slightly overlap, one upon another, in compactly swirled rosette patterns. So you enjoy the rose-like form without the nasty thorns!


  • Foliage: Like most other succulents, the echeveria’s thickened leaves are a storehouse of water that help it survive drought. Those fleshy leaves also provide an allure that’s distinctive to the best echeveria succulents. Some leaf textures are waxy and smooth, while others are fuzzy. And for added interest, some foliage tips come to a point while others exhibit rounded or crinkled edges. When designing indoor planters or outdoor gardens, experiment with different foliage that create a wow factor when paired.


  • Flowers: Yep, echeverias flower just like other perennials. And the flowers don’t disappoint! The best echeveria succulents exhibit a tall, arching stalk with bell-shaped flowers. Bloom time is either spring, summer or fall depending on the variety — along with the average temperature and light intensity. Like its foliage, the echeverias' flowers range in color: typically whites to yellows and oranges to reds. Fortunately, blooms open in sequence, which extends the blooming cycle over a few much-awaited weeks.


  • Sizes: Need a tiny succulent to act as a filler in your planter, or an oversized rosette to stand alone as focal point? Once again, the echeverias’ range of options makes selection a breeze. Depending on the variety, an echeveria’s rosettes range from a half inch to 20 inches at full maturity. But don’t worry. They probably won’t outgrow your planter since most of the best echeveria succulents are sloooow growers! Yet, if you do want offsets (a.k.a. hen and chicks) from the parent plant, just give them lots of room to grow.



After you fall in love with echeverias’ diverse looks, you’ll fall in love with their easy maintenance.

  •  Hardiness: Echeverias love the indoors and outdoors. The best conditions offer hot, arid environments like their native habitats. Just remember that they’re cold hardy outdoors only in zones 9-10.
  • Light: When indoors, place them near a sunny window so they’ll thrive, showcase their colors, and avoid leggy growth. But avoid too much sun since echeverias can sunburn just like you.
  • Water: Less is more when it comes watering. Let echeverias’ soil fully dry out before providing another drink.
  • Propagation: Cuttings make propagation a breeze. But always start with healthy plants!
  •  Pruning: Forget the shears. No pruning is necessary, unless they’ve grown leggy.



As an added bonus, the best echeveria succulents are typically safe for children and pets. Though they have no toxic compounds, it’s still best to set them out of reach.



Click on the names below, and you'll see stunning images of the best echeveria succulents!

 1.  Purple Pearl

Echeveria Purple Pearl

 2.  Ebony

echeveria ebony

 3.  Punto Rose

echeveria punto rose

 4.  Subridgida

echeveria subridgida

 5.  Blue Bird

echeveria blue bird

 6.  Brown Rose

echeveria brown rose

 7.  Echoc

echeveria preta

 8.  Mexicana

echeveria mexicana

 9.  Lola

echeveria lola

10. Parva

echeveria parva



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